DTLA, Rooftops At Sunrise

October 24, 2018

You may have noticed I’ve been spending more and more time in Los Angeles. It’s true I have been going more often, and the trend will continue for the rest of the year and possibly into the first part of 2019. It’s been such a huge blessing, and a really great excuse to photograph new content, and branch out and explore areas and subject matter I’m not familiar with or haven’t really devoted time to before.

And its allowed me to fall in love again…

Im in love with Rooftops!

Seriously in love.

I’ve always been drawn to them, and I’ve photographed them before as you’ve seen in previous works, hell even my home page is currently inhabited by one of my all time favorite rooftop shots.

But for some reason I never allowed my self to consider the possibility that I might shoot them more often and perhaps even expand my musings into a greater work or book even. Until now.

Thanks LA! lol. You should expect to see them more often as I explore our new relationship and the reasons we were destined to be. Heres some shots from early morning Tuesday October 23, 2018. My mom’s birthday! Enjoy.


Cid RobertsComment