Before I even point a lens to a subject, I think one hundred years ahead. Would people still feel something from my pieces a century into the future? What would best convey the climate, the tone, the feeling of being in this moment? Will my work be observed by a student colony on Mars? Creating something new yet timeless is my mission. I give nods to more classic styles and techniques, but apply a certain neo-futurist element to everything I shoot. Above all, my artform is about a moment,  an exact second of time. And how that moment feels to us, in our inner most parts. That moment only happens once, in all of time, forever. And it's witnessed forever through the work.





I was born in Los Angeles, where I grew up in a world of dance, music and film studio culture. In 1999, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in Musical Theater. I began training with a slew of exceptional teachers and soon booked my first gig. It would take me overseas and through 8 European countries over the following two years. It was there in Europe I purchased my first camera. I was in love with the beauty I encountered and began shooting everything I could everywhere we traveled. A photographer was born. After returning to New York and continuing my pursuits in the theater I went on to book gig after gig. In the years that followed I traveled the globe with Broadway touring companies and embarked on voyages across oceans worldwide. I developed an eye for light, angles, perspective and composition. I fell in love. I coupled. I domesticated. I became a dog owner. I uncoupled. I continued to perform year after year. It was 2017 when I decided it was time to nurture the photographer in me who had yet to receive any serious attention. I shot, edited, and published my first book of photography I WALK THESE STREETS and founded my studio, Cid Roberts Photography, which is Now cid roberts studio. I began selling prints of my work when i kept getting requests from visitors to the site, and started working at Musee Magazine, here in nYC, as an event photographer and most recently i also added W42ST MAGAZINE to my roster! Lastly, the release of my most personal work to date, a photo Exploration, PROJECTIONS, IS NOW AVAILABLE TO OWN ( Click Here). I couldn’t be happier to welcome you to this site, my work, and my services and I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and help make your vision come to life.